Cheonggu Tech’s Greeting

Thank you for visiting the homepage of CHEONG GU TECH CO., LTD. We are ceaselessly striving to develop our technology and pioneer in the overseas market as well as domestically to become a substantial company in the rapidly changing global economy and doing our best to become a company that contributes to the national interest.

We are a business partner of all the large shipyards in Korea and the Hyundai Motor Company, while having agencies in Japan, Singapore and China. We have been continuously investing in technological development with emphasis on enhancing the work environment, improving work efficiency, and increasing workers’ safety.

We will try our utmost to be of help to your esteemed company with our knowhow of business management accumulated for 30 years in solving difficulties in the workplace, improving efficiency, and creating a pleasant and safe workplace.

We will strive to be reborn as a hidden champion that can contribute to raising the position of Korea which is small, but a strong country in the world.

Thank you

Ha Sang-sun, President and CEO of CHEONG GU TECH CO., LTD.

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