119 Garage Fumes Discharging Facility

Company that specializes in fume discharging systems of domestic 3 automobile manufacturers!
We promise a fume-free, pleasant working environment.

When a vehicle is parked in its regular position, the stopper,
inner sensor detects this and moves the hood up, closer to the exhaust pipe,
which allows for the demonstration of the best exhausting efficiency.
In addition, when the hood moves up, there is no contact to the tilted vehicle.

Because the hood is movable, the position is flexibly changeable without any separate installation
even after changing the vehicle type in the future.
The sensor detects the in and out of the vehicle and operates the ventilation fan
for as long as the predefined time (adjustable) to discharge the exhaust gas which has stagnated indoors to the outside..

In the event of fire, engines are rushed out and the hood is automatically dropped
by the sensor processor.

The floor PIT, installed to bury the up-down mobile tilting hood and duct,
can be utilized as a drainage..

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