Cooler / Cooling jacket


  • This equipment converts external warm air to cool air and supplies it to the cooling jacket.


- Cooler for cooling only
- Dial style temperature controller
01. Clockwise: Temperature rise / Air volume increase
02. Counter-clockwise: Temperature drop / Air volume decrease


- Combined Cooler for cooling and heating
Lever style temperature controller: Bigger and heavier than CL-1 (cooler).

  • CL-1 Cooler

  • CL-2 Cooler & Heater

Cooling jacket

  • Features of cooling jacket

- A cool working environment can be maintained while working in a hot workplace
- Improves productivity by providing a pleasant work environment
Various choices depending on the type of work

CJ-1 (All-in-one type)

CJ-2 (All-in-one with hood)

CJ-5 (Vest type)

CJ-12 (Mesh type)

CJ-13 (Flame resistant vest)

Soft PCV materials are used for all models (Design patent)

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